Patt Morrison for September 3, 2012

Tampa was then, Charlotte is now. Following the Republican National Convention (RNC) held in Tampa, Florida last week, the Democrats are gearing up for their paramount gathering in the Tarheel state, with Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa presiding over the convention.
Democratic National Convention Committee Unveils Stage For DNC

Charlotte opens its arms to the DNC

Charlotte, North Carolina was named for Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, who became the wife of England’s King George III the year before the city was founded. To this very day, Charlotte retains the nickname the ‘Queen City’, although Charlotte is also known as ‘The Hornet’s Nest,’ a second nickname derived from a statement made by British Revolutionary War General Cornwallis whose forces were ousted from the city by hostile residents.
As the Democratic National Party prepares to once again officially name Barack Obama as its nominee for president of the United States, Americans on both ends of the political spectrum are voicing their opinions of Obama’s performance over the last four years in office.
Patt Morrison takes Comedy Congress on the road to the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, where she and Comedy Congress’ stalwart funny man Ben Gleib will help figure out what makes Democrats so funny.
Ahead Of DNC, Charlotte Celebrates Labor Day with CarolinaFest

Democrats and Big Labor: no lovefest

Organized Labor’s support of the Democratic Party is historically ironclad. In 2012, there is no change in Big Labor’s party of choice. Their zeal for the incumbent Democratic president, however, is tepid.

North Carolina liquor laws kick off the DNC in a ‘dry spell’

Local alcohol laws and restrictions might be alien concepts to outsiders, but they’re simply a way of life in some American cities like Charlotte, North Carolina. With thousands of thirsty Democratic conventioneers descending on the southern city this week, these differences in the specific times and days that allow thirsty patrons to purchase libations are enough to cause one to drink.

Peter Dreier ranks The 100 Greatest Americans of the 20th Century

America has undoubtedly changed during the course of the 20th century and, according to professor of politics Peter Dreier, one such change has been towards becoming a more humane, inclusive, and democratic country.
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