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Looking back at the American election through the eyes of the foreign press

by Patt Morrison

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Al-Jazeera news anchors Veronica Pedrosa (L) and Teymoor Nabili (R) pose for photographs on set at the Al-Jazeera broadcast centre in Kuala Lumpur, 21 November 2006. TENGKU BAHAR/AFP/Getty Images

Voters can feel a sense of nationalistic pride as they choose the candidate that best represents what they want America’s future to be. But America is just one nation in a world of different but interconnected societies. Even with China’s rising global influence, the U.S. is still a primary political and social force in the world. Foreign media outlets like Al Jazeera, the BBC and dozens of others are reporting on the machinations of the American political system and are in unique positions to give unique perspectives from outside our borders.


What can we learn about ourselves from the perspectives of different cultures? Which foreign news services do you follow?


Fabienne Sintes, Washington Correspondent, Radio France

Patty Culhane, White House reporter for Al Jazeera English

Neil MacDonald, senior Washington Correspondent, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Tracy Quek, United States correspondent for the Straits Times of Singapore

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