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Is the topic of gay marriage too risky for political conventions?

by Patt Morrison

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A woman wears a t-shirt showing lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender support for US President Barack Obama as he delivers remarks during a campaign event at Wolcott House Museum complex in Maumee, Ohio, July 5, 2012, while on a bus tour of Ohio and Pennslyvania. JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images

Despite President Obama’s public statements supporting the legalization of same sex marriage, six states having legalized gay marriage and three more with legalization measures on the ballot for the fall, gay marriage still seems to be the big pink elephant in the Charlotte arena.

The Democratic Party’s platform does reportedly include a pro gay marriage stance, but it is clearly not a major issue being addressed at the 2012 Democratic National Convention. White House spokesman Josh Earnest declined to even discuss the issue at a press briefing on Monday. Similarly, Mitt Romney’s campaign has also neglected to directly comment on particular gay marriage policy, with Romney spokesman Ryan Williams only saying, “Governor Romney has been consistent in his support of traditional marriage.”

Both parties appear to be afraid of alienating voters who are either strongly for or against same sex marriage.


Are gay marriage policies simply too controversial to be addressed at mainstream political conventions? What will it take to get either Republicans or Democrats to bring the subject into the spotlight?


Jerame Davis, Executive Director of the Stonewall Democrats

Sarah Schmidt, chairwoman of LPAC, the first lesbian SuperPAC which launched this year

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