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Former Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs on Democrats and messaging

by Patt Morrison

Instagram picture of Patt Morrison interviewing White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs with producer Raghu Manavalan at the 2012 Democratic National Convention. Jasmin Tuffaha/KPCC

Controlling the unified message of a political campaign is essential in grand scale political campaigns and Robert Gibbs is a man who has been shaping the message for Barack Obama and the Democrats for years. In president Barack Obama’s first term, he served as the White House Press Secretary and his relationship with Obama goes back to the days when he was a senator from Illinois.

His current role a senior campaign adviser for the Obama reelection campaign allows him to focus the Democrat’s message and reach more voters who may be on the fence.

How will this year’s message of ‘forward’ affect Obama’s chances in swing states? Obama’s message of ‘hope’ caught fire in 2008. This time around, the perennial question of “are we better off than we were four years ago” is a hard truth for the Obama campaign, which has spent its first term with a crippled economy that’s slow to mend.


Can the Obama campaign reach the struggling middle class?


Robert Gibbs, senior campaign advisor, Obama campaign and former press secretary for President Barack Obama

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