Patt Morrison for September 5, 2012

2012 Democratic National Convention

Former Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs on Democrats and messaging

Controlling the unified message of a political campaign is essential in grand scale political campaigns and Robert Gibbs is a man who has been shaping the message for Barack Obama and the Democrats for years.

First round of DNC speeches: body language analysis

Words were spoken at the Democratic National Convention last night, but they weren’t the only ideas communicated. Body language, posture, apparent comfort in the spotlight, personal appearance, and other, less conscious means of expression were broadcast across radio, television, and internet coverage of last night’s events.
Eric Garcetti
Eric Garcetti has a near-perfect Angeleno political pedigree. As a 2nd-generation city politician and 2013 mayoral candidate, many in the Democratic Party see him as a star of the future.
US President Barack Obama waves after sp
Alexandra Gallardo Rooker is the Vice-Chair of the Democratic Party here in the Golden State. She will be joining Patt to discuss the future of the party in California along with her take on this years DNC.
2012 Republican National Convention: Day 2

GOP returns the favor at the DNC

The root words of the name of the state of Oklahoma are derived from the Native American Choctaw tribe’s words for “red people.” And when it comes to politics, Oklahoma is also a very red state and polls show that Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney will likely carry the Sooner State in November.
Patt Morrison with Barbara Boxer at DNC

Barbara Boxer fights war on women

How women vote will have a huge impact on the 2012 election. Last week in Tampa, Ann Romney spearheaded a GOP push to appeal to women voters. Last night, First Lady Michelle Obama delivered her speech, no doubt intended to be favorable to the ears of female voters.
Democratic National Convention: Day 1

Senate majority, hanging in the balance

Charged with maintaining his party’s majority in the Senate, Guy Cecil has had a tough job these last few election cycles. He joins Patt to talk about the rise of the Tea Party, what seems to be an ever-increasing divisiveness in the Senate, and which are the top elections to watch this season.
A woman wears a t-shirt showing lesbian,

Is the topic of gay marriage too risky for political conventions?

Despite President Obama’s public statements supporting the legalization of same sex marriage, six states having legalized gay marriage and three more with legalization measures on the ballot for the fall, gay marriage still seems to be the big pink elephant in the Charlotte arena.
Patt Morrison convenes the third session of Comedy Congress at the DNC today with stalwart funny man Ben Gleib, who will help figure out what makes Democrats so funny. Gleib shares what Congresswoman Maxine Waters said when he asked her about who's winning the 'war on women.
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