Patt Morrison for September 6, 2012


Clinton and Warren maintain DNC tone at second night of speeches

It’s appointment television: Bill Clinton making a big political speech, with Elizabeth Warren as the opening act. How did the 42nd President and the Massachusetts Senate candidate do? So far, former President Clinton’s been praised for injecting much-needed facts and figures into the convention and leaving personal anecdotes behind.

The Asian vote in 2012

There are over 14 million people of Asian descent in the U.S., according to the 2010 Census. That means any cohesive bloc of similarly-voting Asians could have a big sway in who wins the presidency.
Kamala Harris

Rising stars in the Democratic Party: Kamala Harris

The Democratic Party has made it clear that the goal the convention is to define the election as “a choice between…an economy built to last for middle class Americans or a return to the failed policies of…tax breaks for the wealthy.
Democratic National Convention: Day 1
Democrats and Republicans are undeniably divided on many issues, but none are more divisive than issues related to reproductive rights. This divergence became more prevalent in 2012 as the Obama administration’s Affordable Care Act withstood the test of the U.

Multigenerational voters being represented this year at the DNC

There is an 80 year gap between the youngest and oldest delegate at the Democratic National Convention. Sam Gray is a 17 year old from the great state of Iowa. His counterpart, Elzena Johnson of Mississippi, turns 98 this month.
President Obama Campaigns In Colorado Ahead Of Democratic National Convention

Who will win the youth vote in 2012?

American citizens born by November 6, 1994 will be eligible to vote in this year’s presidential election, but even those youths born before that date are paying attention to our political process.

Lilly Ledbetter speaks about ending discrimination in the workplace

In 1998, when Lilly Ledbetter retired as a supervisor from the Goodyear plant in Gadsden, Alabama, she was making $500 less a month than her lowest-paid male counterpart, and $1500 less a month than the highest-paid male supervisor.
Patt Morrison convenes the fourth session of Comedy Congress at the DNC today with stalwart funny man Ben Gleib, who will help figure out what makes Democrats so funny. Gleib visits with a man selling Barack Obama puppets outside the DNC and gets the lowdown on Bill Clinton, the tooth fairy and the Almighty with Sam Donaldson.
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