Patt Morrison for September 7, 2012

Broadcasting live from the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, we check up on how President Obama's speech checks out. And Hollywood's been at the DNC – actors Richard Schiff and Beau Bridges riff on that enduring connection. Also, Comedy Congress’ big wrapup in Charlotte – Diane Sawyer talks about her age and Mike Dukakis talks about what ifs.


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Patt Morrison for August 29, 2012

Ann Romney and Governor Chris Christie had their moments in the big Republican spotlight last night as the end-of-the-night speakers at the GOP Convention in Tampa. Patt takes a look at what their speeches revealed. And later... he’s numero uno in the LAPD and he’ll answer your questions about policing in the city of Los Angeles. Charlie Beck, and your invitation to Ask the Chief. And, matching up the individual theme music and the Dodger player. It’s not ‘take me out to the ball game’’ any more.

Marine Recruits Endure Basic Training On Parris Island

Patt Morrison for August 28, 2012

American military authorities disciplined six members of the Army and three non-commissioned Marine officers on Monday for two separate incidents. Patt checks the facts on these punishments and weighs the political and moral implications of these controversial military episodes. And, they’re called green on blue attacks, Afghan soldiers killing NATO ones. What are those personal and cultural conflicts they talking about that make for murder? Is it military discipline? Resentment at the American presence? Plus, Ayn Rand worked in Hollywood, writing screenplays of her work and others’ – so how good, or bad, are her movies? Roll ‘em, next time.

"Sleepwalk With Me" Portraits - 2012 Sundance Film Festival

Patt Morrison for August 27, 2012

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney told Parade magazine that conservatives give more money to charity than liberals do. Is he right? And if so, why is that the case? Wake up! Ira Glass wants to tell you about the comedy he produced about a man with a sleeping disorder. He does, next time, not bedtime, at one o’clock.

11 Shot, One Killed In Shooting By NYC's Empire State Building

Patt Morrison for August 24, 2012

The nation was already stunned by two mass shootings this summer: First, 12 were killed and 58 were injured in the movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado. Sixteen days later, six were killed and four injured when a gunman opened fire on a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin before shooting himself in the head. But the latest shooting occurred in New York City just outside the Empire State Building. And, for decades, people have listened to police scanners just to be the first to know – now they’re sharing what they hear on Twitter. One adam twelve, come in... today at one o’clock.

Patt Morrison for August 23, 2012

Dwight Yoakam’s name is a synonym for crossover and class – singer, songwriter, actor is releasing his dozenth studio album. It’s hard to think of her as young and in love, but Julia Child was all that… the woman nicknamed "Dearie," next time at one o’clock.

House Budget Committee Holds Hearing On The Congressional Budget Office's Outlook

Patt Morrison for August 22, 2012

Your cell phone is snitching on you. A new algorithm that takes into account your phone and your friends’ phones makes you trackable to within 60 feet of where you are. Sixty feet. Now are you concerned about privacy? Los Angeles’ Chinatown has a deep and disturbing history, up to and including mob murder. That story is next time at one o’clock.