Patt Morrison for September 7, 2012

Broadcasting live from the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, we check up on how President Obama's speech checks out. And Hollywood's been at the DNC – actors Richard Schiff and Beau Bridges riff on that enduring connection. Also, Comedy Congress’ big wrapup in Charlotte – Diane Sawyer talks about her age and Mike Dukakis talks about what ifs.


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Missouri Senate-Rape Comments

Patt Morrison for August 21, 2012

Join Patt as she discusses how cell phones may know what you're doing before you do. Why might MLB players have a shorter lifespan than other athletes? Find out today at one o'clock.

The Masters - Round One

Patt Morrison for August 20, 2012

After more than three quarters of a century, women will for the first time be included on the membership rolls of Augusta National Golf Club, one of the most exclusive clubs in the world and the host of the Masters. And, Propublica's Kim Barker reports nonprofits, not Super PACs, are becoming the primary perpetrators in clandestine campaign contributions.

In Profile: 100 Years In US Presidential Races

Patt Morrison for August 17, 2012

In the last seven years, the number of Americans saying they're atheists has gone up five fold. Really...swear to God. No false modesty on social media, or real modesty. But if you don’t say you’re fabulous, who will? Next time at one o’clock.

Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Seeks Asylum In The Embassy Of Ecuador

Patt Morrison for August 16, 2012

Ecuador has granted Julian Assange's request for amnesty. What do they have to gain? Plus, one reason that 'Truman defeats Dewey" was such a surprise is that there was no vast industry for polling and predicting. Now there is, and it could still be wrong. And, the verdict in the trial of Russian feminist punk rockers Pussy Riot is expected at 3 pm local time tomorrow. We'll check in with experts about why the trial has garnered such attention.

Patt Morrison for August 15, 2012

“They’re gonna put y’all back in chains.” Vice President Biden may have thought he was talking about Republican economic policy in front of an audience with African Americans in attendance, but to many, he was talking about race. Does Biden's comment push the boundaries of taste, or is it a non-issue? Plus, mountain lions, Roger Guenveur Smith, and more.

Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Announces Rep. Paul Ryan As His Vice Presidential Pick

Patt Morrison for August 14, 2012

Will looking at Paul Ryan’s 2010 race for Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District seat help Democrats figure out a counter strategy to the current Romney/Ryan ticket? Ryan's opponent, John Heckenlively, lends us his wisdom. Plus, is there some sound evolutionary purpose to religion and faith? A group of scholars wants to know whether religion is as much a part of human survival as binocular vision and bipedalism. Are they right?