A Prairie Home Companion

A Prairie Home Companion is a recorded live show featuring comedy sketches, music and more from host Chris Thile and company.

Recent Episodes

A.N.Y. - July 15, 2017

"If you have a spare bedroom, a basement, if you could take in a family and its pets, we'd like to hear from you..." -- A message from Adopt a New Yorker, originally from our December 3, 2016 broadcast

Animal Shelter - November 19, 2016

A look at some of the alternative choices available at your local animal shelter, a script originally from our November 19, 2016 broadcast.

Fine Dining - June 24, 2017

"For our specials tonight, the chef has prepared a hand-sslapped salmon fillet." Download the "Fine Dining" script, originally from our November 12, 2017 broadcast.

Mower - June 17, 2017

Raking takes forever, and environmentally friendly leaf blowers just don't cut it -- a message from Albert's Implements originally from our October 22, 2017 broadcast