A Prairie Home Companion

A Prairie Home Companion is a recorded live show featuring comedy sketches, music and more from host Garrison Keillor and company.

Recent Episodes

June 27, 2015: The News from Lake Wobegon

"It's been beautiful summer weather, it's been up in the 80s. We've gotten some rain, not too terribly much and everything is green." Mr. Magendantz changes his lawn-mowing pattern, Irene Bunsen creates her own tomato varieties, the town holds a tractor parade for Midsummer Day, and the host recalls attending a gospel meeting as a teenager.

June 20, 2015: The News from Lake Wobegon

"We had some storms out there but it's been all good for us. The mourning doves we hear them in the morning, we see the fireflies at night." Clarence Bunsen sleeps on his boat so he can think in the middle of the night; the story of Mr. Musselman, who was driven from town by deerflies; and the Whippets win a close game.