A Prairie Home Companion

A Prairie Home Companion is a recorded live show featuring comedy sketches, music and more from host Garrison Keillor and company.

Recent Episodes

April 9, 2016: The News from Lake Wobegon

"It's been raining and chilly out there, a little bit of snow now and then." The host recalls memories of springtime conversations with his uncles and his early days as a writer, three pairs of loons take up residence on the lake now that the ice has melted, and Marv returns to teaching high school driver's instruction classes after a winter break.

April 9, 2016: Bonus download! - Cello

You watch an orchestra during a slow movement and you wonder: what are they thinking right now? Here's another in our series of documentaries entitled "What Are They Thinking?" Today: The Cellist.

April 2, 2016: The News from Lake Wobegon

"We've had wind and snow and rain and cold rain and a little snow, that melting snow, and then wind some more. It's spring we know that now, even if it's a little chilly." Darlene has an epiphany while out for an Easter morning walk, Carl Krebsbach feeds a flock of Tundra Swans out on the lake, and Viola Tors attends a clothing-optional Lutheran church in Palm Beach.