A Prairie Home Companion

A Prairie Home Companion is a recorded live show featuring comedy sketches, music and more from host Garrison Keillor and company.

Recent Episodes

July 25, 2015: The News from Lake Wobegon

"We had about 15 minutes of spring this year, kind of typical in Minnesota, and then it turned into summer all of a sudden." The town avoids Senator K. Thorvaldson and his boring rhubarb stories, and when Sally Emmett gets married after graduating from Macalester College, everyone is mystified by the groom's Californian parents -- a monologue from June 2002.

July 18, 2015: The News from Lake Wobegon

"We've gotten some snow, even better than that, we've gotten frost -- frost, when you have a clear night and you have high humidity, you wake up in the morning and everything is covered with frost." A terrible flu hits Lake Wobegon, memories of ice skating and smoking in the warming house, storytelling around a bonfire on a frozen lake, and the Lutheran church ends the year with a surplus, in a monologue from January 2013.

July 11, 2015: The News from Lake Wobegon

"It's been this gorgeous, gorgeous September, this beautiful time--so much happening." Lake Wobegon welcomes the arrival of fall, a bear surprises Irene Bunsen, then stays in town, starting a debate over who will pay to have it removed, and high school students take the ACT exam, in a monologue from September 2013.

July 4, 2015: The News from Lake Wobegon

"Full blown summer out there. The raspberries are ripe. They're so sweet -- how we love them. The boats are out on the lake, fishing boats and pontoon boats are out there.” Mr. Snecker falls asleep on the curb in front of the Chatterbox Cafe, the town holds a mostly successful 4th of July parade, and the story of the famous Living Flag.