A Prairie Home Companion

A Prairie Home Companion is a recorded live show featuring comedy sketches, music and more from host Garrison Keillor and company.

Recent Episodes

May 17, 2014: The News from Lake Wobegon

"It's been raining and chilly at night out there so people are way behind on lawn care, but the tulips and daffodils are in bloom." The town re-examines its philosophy on lawn care, the Lutheran Church holds its church picnic, and the war between Pastor Haugen and his secretary Marlene continues.

May 3, 2014: The News from Lake Wobegon

"It rained all week and even a little bit of snow but we ignored that, of course, because it just melted as soon as it touched the ground so there was nothing we could do about it." The Knights of the Order of the Golden Nimbus install their new officers at Our Lady of Perpetual Responsibility, Pastor Haugen takes over as interim pastor at the Lutheran Church after Pastor Liz leaves for Rome, and Larry creates havoc while trying to dig a grave for Ruthie Jonasson.

May 10, 2014: The News from Lake Wobegon

"It was warm and kind of windy all week and we got this terrific thunderstorm on Wednesday, which was a great boon, to get washed off like that." Fishing season begins and fishermen return to their pursuit of famous walleye Old Pete, Luann cuts her hair very short, the town analyzes photos of Pastor Liz in Rome, and Pastor Haugen irritates his secretary Marlene.

April 26, 2014: The News from Lake Wobegon

"The last of the ice sank into the lake here this last week and the spring rains came, and what a blessing they were. They really greened up this town." The town does some spring cleaning, the story of Lois and Louie, and Pastor Liz delivers her last sermon before leaving for Rome.

April 19, 2014: The News from Lake Wobegon

"It was warm. The week started out warm and then we got some snow here on Tuesday and we just ignored it, of course -- as you would ignore an embarrassing relative." Mr. Berge hits a large pothole and damages his car, the town experiences a pink full moon, and Pastor Liz organizes an outdoor procession to celebrate Holy Week, in a monologue from April 2011.

April 12, 2014: The News from Lake Wobegon

"It's been a beautiful week, the sun was shining and on Wednesday it got up to 70. There was a couple down by the lake, they were making out as if nobody could see them." A bear wakes from hibernation and wanders into town, the Swansons return for a visit after 30 years away, and Pastor Liz announces that she is leaving to become the pastor at a Lutheran Church in Rome.