Science Friday

Science Friday with host Ira Flatow discusses the latest in science, technology, health, and the environment. It's brain fun, for curious people.

Recent Episodes

Hr2: US Space Goals, Other Worlds

From other planets to our own future, writers can take us places we've never seen. Authors Cory Doctorow, N.K. Jemisin, and Annalee Newitz are among them. Plus, a recent meeting of the National Space Council signaled a shift of U.S. goals in space.

Hr2: Neanderthal DNA, Mustangs, CFS, Science Club

Some 75,000 wild horses roam the sagebrush-lined slopes and basins of the American West—and the government can not figure out what to do with them. Plus, what genetic advances are telling us about Neanderthal DNA.

Hr2: The Experiments of Darwin, Bored and Brilliant

Paddling a duck foot in water and other small experiments led to Darwin's big theory of evolution. Plus, how our smartphones are robbing us of an undervalued cognitive resource--€”and what to do about it.