Science Friday for Friday, September 13, 2013

World's Largest Volcano Discovered on Pacific Seafloor

Researchers discovered the largest volcano on earth a thousand miles off the coast of Japan. Tamu Massif rivals some of the biggest volcanoes found in the solar system. Volcanology researcher Kayla Iacovino discusses what this giant can tell us about the inside of our planet.

Chemistry Research Roundup

Why are bed bugs so resistant to pesticides? How do whiskey, rye, and bourbon develop their unique flavor profile? What compounds in the natural world could be used for insect repellant or for treating AIDS? For the answers, we turn to the American Chemical Society conference. We'll discuss a few of the highlights presented at this week's meeting.

Stephen Hawking Looks Back

Stephen Hawking is known for his research into relativity, black holes, and quantum mechanics, as well as for the disease that has left him almost entirely paralyzed. But the theoretical cosmologist says that, were he to start from scratch, he wouldn't focus on physics.

Are We There Yet? Voyager 1 Finally Answers 'Yes'

For years, scientists have been anticipating the spacecraft Voyager 1's exit from the solar system. So far, it's been difficult to tell. But this week scientists announced that, at long last, they have proof that Voyager has punched through to interstellar space. Voyager chief scientist Ed Stone joins to talk about the mission's final frontier.

US Cities Quench Growing Thirst with Saltwater

As reservoirs disappear and wells run dry, cities around the U.S. are turning to saltwater to meet their water needs. Mike Hightower of Sandia National Labs and Amy Zander of Clarkson University talk about the future of desalination and its impacts on energy and the environment. Is it sustainable enough to succeed?

Food Failures: When Home Canning Goes Wrong

Jars broke? Lids buckled? Didn't get a tight seal? In this episode of the "Food Failures" series, home canning expert Jessica Piper talks about the science of home canning, including how to avoid botulism and how to choose between a water bath or a pressure canner (hint: it depends on pH).
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