Science Friday

Science Friday with host Ira Flatow discusses the latest in science, technology, health, and the environment. It's brain fun, for curious people.

Recent Episodes

Hr2: Engineering New Ideas, Bionic Arm, Robotic Prospecting

If humans someday colonize the moon and Mars, robotic prospectors and miners will be among the first to arrive, manufacturing fuel, water, and other essentials. Plus technology like 3D printing is expanding what prosthetic limbs can do, and who can wear them.

Hr1: News Roundup, Dino Family Tree, What-If Physics, Impact Glass

Geologist Peter Schultz uses a high-velocity gun to test his hypothesis that asteroid impacts could preserve signs of ancient life. Plus, what would happen if you stuck your hand in a particle accelerator or jumped off of the Space Station?

Hr2: Wildflowers and Bees, Infinity and Beyond

The wildflower explosion in the southern California desert provides plentiful food to wild bees. In this springtime special, we talk about which wildflowers—and pollinators—to spot this season, and how to log your observations at Plus, mathematician Eugenia Cheng explores infinity.

Hr2: Vibrato Physics, Satellite Repair, Charting Physics History

Physicist Lawrence Krauss on the substance of the universe, the Higgs Boson, and how we know what we know. Plus, researchers use the tools of quantum physics to quantify the vibration of sound. And a robotic spacecraft could improve weather forecasting by fixing satellites in geosynchronous orbit.

Hr1: News Roundup, Autonomous Ambulances, New York 2140, Climate and Food

In his new novel, New York 2140, author Kim Stanley Robinson tackles how a drowning city might adapt and thrive after disastrous sea level rise. Plus, as the globe warms, maple syrup, tea, and other specialty foods could suffer from lower quality and lower nutritional value.