Science Friday

Science Friday with host Ira Flatow discusses the latest in science, technology, health, and the environment. It's brain fun, for curious people.

Recent Episodes

Hr2: Giant Virus, Radio Astronomy, SETI, Lyme

Giant viruses evolved from smaller viruses that picked up genes from other organisms, according to a new study. Plus, a look at the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, and the challenges of listening to the stars from a planet filled with radio transmissions. And as incidence of Lyme disease soars, scientists look for answers.

Hr1: News Roundup, Noise, Michael Mann, Mars Wheels, Splashing

Michael Mann discusses his participation on the latest House Committee on Science hearing on climate change. Plus a visit to the playground where Mars rovers are put through their paces, and how one researcher peers deep inside sneezes to answer questions about disease transmission.

Hr2: Engineering New Ideas, Bionic Arm, Robotic Prospecting

If humans someday colonize the moon and Mars, robotic prospectors and miners will be among the first to arrive, manufacturing fuel, water, and other essentials. Plus technology like 3D printing is expanding what prosthetic limbs can do, and who can wear them.