Science Friday

Science Friday with host Ira Flatow discusses the latest in science, technology, health, and the environment. It's brain fun, for curious people.

Recent Episodes

Hr2: Gene Editing, Mind-Body Medicine, C-Section Microbiome

Jo Marchant shares the results of her deep dive into the evidence --and against-- mind-body medicine, from placebo effects to hypnosis and meditation. Plus, gene-editing techniques, and research into restoring the maternal microbiome to babies born via C-section.

Hr1: News Roundup, War On Cancer, Polling

When President Nixon signed the National Cancer Act of 1971, he waged the War on Cancer. Forty-five years and over $100 billion later, are we winning? Plus, why couldnt the polls predict the Iowa primaries?

Hr1: News Roundup, Planet 9, Drilling Deep, Book Club

Researchers calculate that there may be a large undiscovered ninth planet lurking in the distant reaches of our solar system. Plus, a deep drilling project, and the SciFri Book Club tackles an Oliver Sacks autobiography.