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Snap Judgment delivers a raw brand of compelling personal stories, mixing tall tales with killer tunes. It’s storytelling… with a beat.

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Snap #628 - Cross To Bear

It's an all-NEW Snap, "Cross To Bear." You don't want it, you didn't create it, but it's all yours.  


Beautiful Burden

Everyone wants to be an object of desire... until you desire not to be an object.

Producer: Pat Mesiti-Miller

Lethal Secret

At five years old, Kooshyar Karimi learns a secret about his family that could get him imprisoned or killed. But of course, no secret remains secret forever. Find out more about Kooshyar Karimi here.

Producer: Anna Sussman
Sound Design: Pat Mesiti-Miller

Big Indio

Jesse de la Cruz knew had had two choices in life, he could either be a farm hand like or his dad or he could be like Big Indio.

Producer: Daniel Alarcón
Sound Design: Leon Morimoto

Patient 2280

Dr. Lee Warren, a brain surgeon, was with his family when he got a call that would change the world he knew.

For more on Dr. Lee Warren’s experiences in Iraq make sure to grab a copy of his book: No Place to Hide: A Brain Surgeon’s Long Home from the Iraq War and check out his podcast.

Producer: Nancy López
Sound Design: Renzo Gorrio

Snap #521 - The Passion

On the next Snap, we're dropping the story-pocalypse. Snap proudly  presents "The Passion" performed LIVE! at San Francisco's Nourse Theater.



Director's Cut - Glynn Washington

Glynn’s a bean counter by day but at night it’s “Lights, Camera, Action!”

Original score composed by Alex Mandel, and performed by Alex and the Snap Judgment Playaz (Tim Frick & David Brandt.) Performed at Snap Judgment Live! in San Francisco's Nourse Theater.

Recorded and mixed by Pat Mesiti-Miller


J-Date - Josh Healey

See Josh Healey's amazing performance, "How To Help Your Mom Set Up Her Online Profile On JDate."

Original score composed by Alex Mandel, and performed by Alex and the Snap Judgment Playaz (Tim Frick & David Brandt.)

Performed at Snap Judgment LIVE in San Francisco's Nourse Theater.

Recorded and mixed by Pat Mesiti-Miller.


Xiana Fairchild - Jamie DeWolf

A story dedicated to the little girl in the hallway.  See Jamie DeWolf's astonishing performance here.

Performed at Snap Judgment Live! in San Francisco's Nourse Theater.  Original score composed by Alex Mandel, and performed by Alex and the Snap Judgment Playaz (Tim Frick & David Brandt.)

Recorded and mixed by Pat Mesiti-Miller


Don Reed - Butter

The ridiculous story of a reluctant player and his secret sauce.

Performed at Snap Judgment Live! in San Francisco's Nourse Theater

Recorded and mixed by Pat Mesiti-Miller



Snap #627 - Spooked VI: The Awakening


The Seer

Glynn encounters a mysterious woman with a mystical aura.

Producer: Pat Mesiti-Miller


Myrtle's Plantation

A successful software engineer from Silicon valley buys an old plantation house in Louisiana. What she doesn’t know is that the plantation, known as the Myrtles Plantation, is known as of America’s most haunted houses. Find out more about Frances Kermeen and the Myrtles Plantation here.

Producer: Anna Sussman

El Payaso Zombie

When a carnival in Mexico turns dark, young Oscar Mendoza finds out why  he should not have laughed at the clowns...

This story first appeared on the podcast and website Real Ghost Stories Online. Check them out at

Producer: Ana Adlerstein
Original Score: Leon Morimoto

Mountain Jane Doe

In 1969, the body of an unidentified girl was found in the woods of Harlan, Kentucky. 30 years later her ghost comes to haunt Darla Jackson’s family. Using clues from beyond, Darla sets out to solve the murder of a girl they call Mountain Jane Doe.

This story comes to us from the award winning radio show and podcast Reveal.  Check out their new documentary "The Dead Unknown" at   Reveal also created a web tool to search the missing and the unknown dead, and their amazing documentary on Mountain Jane Doe.


Produced by Mark Ristich and Eliza Smith

Original Reporting: G.W. Schultz

Voiceover: Michael Schiller

Voice of Uncle James: Michael Phillips

Original Score:   Leon Morimoto

Snap #524 - Mystery Man

On the next Snap, "Mystery Man." People think they know who they're dealing with, but on the next Snap Judgment -- we throw them for a loop.


Waiting For The Man

When the knock on the door comes, Glynn's deepest darkest fears come to life.

Producer: Pat Mesiti-Miller

Zodiac Signs

Gary Stewart grew up with a fairy tale notion of his father. So when he set out to search for him, the last thing he ever expected was to find himself in the middle of one of the biggest unsolved mysteries of all time.

Check out Gary's book, "The Most Dangerous Animal Of All."

Producer: Nancy Lopez
Sound Design: Leon Morimoto and Pat Mesiti-Miller

Genius Sperm

What do you do when you find out that you are most definitely the offspring of the world's elite genius pool?

Big thanks to David Plotz, author of "The Genius Factory, The Curious History of The Nobel Prize Sperm Bank."

Producer: Ana Adlerstein
Sound Design: Renzo Gorrio


Snap #626 - The Proxy

It's an all-NEW Snap..."The Proxy." What if you could be you without all of the responsibility, the guilt, and the self-loathing? Too good to be true? ...Maybe not.



Liar Liar

Glynn must settle a mock lawsuit with his partner to pass his class. His tactics are ruthless.

Producer: Mark Ristich


When Mark Hogencamp woke up in the hospital he had no idea who he was or where he was. He was beat up so badly that he couldn’t walk, talk or speak. When his therapies are cut off by Medicaid, Mark has to make his own treatment, and in the process he makes some most unusual friends.

Once you’ve listened, we know you want to see the photos. And lucky for you you can find them all in one book. Welcome to Marwencol comes out November 3rd. Do not miss it. Go to the website to get yourself a copy. You can find the documentary on which this story was based, Marwencol, there too. HUGE thank you to Jeff Malberg, the director of the documentary, for sharing his tape with us for this story.

Producer: Julia DeWitt


Friday Night Lights

Your dad loves football. You hate football. How do you quit? Play football.

Check out Harrison’s memoir -- The World Largest Man

Producer: Davey Kim
Sound Designer: Renzo Gorrio


Just Another Fish Story

20 Years ago, a whale washed up on a beach in Lubec, Maine, but it’s death was just the beginning of it’s story.  

This piece was produced by Molly Menschel when she was a student at the Salt Institute in Portland Maine.  Salt Institute is the one place that trained budding radio producers nation-wide, and is currently in danger of closing.    To find out more about efforts to keep the school open, you can visit and join Save Salt’s facebook page.

The Music on this story is played with the jew's harp by Tapani Varis, if you like to hear more go to

Producer: Molly Menschel