Snap Judgment

Snap Judgment delivers a raw brand of compelling personal stories, mixing tall tales with killer tunes. It’s storytelling… with a beat.

Recent Episodes

Snap #520 - Blackout

It's an ALL-NEW Snap! It's that moment where everything you count on... disappears.  On Snap Judgment from PRX and NPR, "Blackout."

Snap #415 - Reunion

You haven't seen them for years.  You've grown. You've changed. You're a different person now, right?   On the next Snap Judgment from PRX and NPR… "Reunion."

Snap #519 - End Of The Line

It's an ALL-NEW Snap! This week on Snap Judgment from PRX and NPR, we proudly present... "End Of The Line." Amazing stories from those people who just don't know when to say quit.

Snap #518 - Desperate Measures

On an all-NEW Snap, what happens when you take a regular person and back them up against a wall... there is no telling what they might do. From PRX and NPR, we proudly present "Desperate Measures."

Snap #410 - Rage Against The Machine

From NPR and PRX, amazing stories from people who decide they don't want to be cog in the wheel anymore..."Rage Against the Machine." 

Snap #517 - "The Grand Illusion"

We think we've seen it all before, but what if we wake up and discover...that we're living in someone else's game? From NPR and PRX, Snap Judgment proudly presents "The Grand Illusion."