Snap Judgment

Snap Judgment delivers a raw brand of compelling personal stories, mixing tall tales with killer tunes. It’s storytelling… with a beat.

Recent Episodes

Snap #605 - Simpatico

On an all-NEW Snap, "Simpatico." What's it like to find yourself on someone else's wavelength? Snap Judgment, storytelling with a BEAT... from PRX and NPR.

Snap #501 - A.I. Artificial Intelligence

On the next Snap Judgment, "Artificial Intelligence."  Amazing stories from real people battling a digital future. Storytelling with a beat, from PRX and NPR.

Snap #604 - No Perfect Love

On an all-NEW Snap... "No Perfect Love." People can't recognize true relationships anymore. So, on the next Snap... we get real. Snap Judgment, storytelling with a beat, from NPR and PRX.

Snap #603 - Omen

It's an ALL-NEW Snap!  Listen up. Somebody, somehow is trying to tell you something. Call it a feeling, but on the next Snap Judgment we call it..."Omen."

Snap #421 - You Don't Know

On the next Snap...They think they know you. You think you know them. On the next Snap Judgment from PRX and NPR... "You Don't Know Me." Amazing stories about misunderstanding someone else's world.

Snap #602 -Rites Of Passage

It's an all-NEW Snap! There is everything you want. And then there is everything you have to go through to get it.From PRX and NPR we proudly present "Rites of Passage."