Snap Judgment

Snap Judgment delivers a raw brand of compelling personal stories, mixing tall tales with killer tunes. It’s storytelling… with a beat.

Recent Episodes

Snap #507 - Lost Cause

An all-NEW Snap..."Lost Cause." Sometimes, the handwriting is on the wall. We all know the ending, but some people didn't get the memo. Storytelling with a beat... from PRX and NPR.

Snap #506 - The Mercenary

An all-NEW Snap..."The Mercenary." Amazing stories from people paid to do our dirty work.  Storytelling with a beat... from PRX and NPR.

Snap #308 - Original Pranksters

Snap Judgment proudly presents "Original Prankster", amazing stories from people who take the joke waaaaaaay too far . . .

Snap #505 - The Pact

People will say they're going to do something, but when you look another person in the eye and vow that it will happen... you've gone to another level. From NPR and PRX, Snap Judgment presents "The Pact".    

Snap #327 - Partners In Crime

On the next Snap, we do stuff together we would never do alone. From PRX and NPR, Snap Judgment proudly presents "Partners in Crime."

Snap #504 - Pariah

An ALL-NEW Snap... "Pariah." When we are disparaged, ridiculed or attacked our natural response is a flight to safety... to family, to friends, to tribe. But what if there's nowhere left to run?

From NPR and PRX, Snap Judgment is storytelling... with a beat.