The Story

People tell stories; all the time. The Story searches them out and bundles them up into a daily show full of people whose lives are intersecting with significant issues in the news.

Recent Episodes

Chef and The Farmer [9.12.2013]

A southern girl moves to New York City to become a chef and swears she’ll never look back. But now Vivian Howard is home in rural North Carolina, making southern staples fancy at her restaurant Chef and Farmer.

Night Raid [9.11.2013]

Combat photographer Louie Palu tells the story behind his portrait of a wounded Afghan soldier aboard a U.S. Army Medevac helicopter. The photo is being recognized by the Smithsonia's National Portrait Gallery. Also in this show: Danny Lewin was on the first plane to hit the World Trade Center in 2001. He’s often called the “first victim” of those attacks.  What many people don’t know is that Lewin developed the web technology that allowed millions of people to quickly access the same websites at the same time, as many did on September 11.

From The Military Base To The Marshlands: A Soldier Returns to Iraq [9.10.2013]

Helicopter pilot Carina Roselli faced enemy fire in Iraq. Recently, she returned as an environmental worker. Also in this show: In 1948, 28 Mexican citizens being flown by the U.S. to their native country perished in a plane crash in California. Woody Guthrie protested their anonymity and decades later historian Tim Hernandez set out to find their names.

Helping Kids Inside Syrian Refugee Camps [9.6.2013]

Helping kids inside Syrian refugee camps. Also in this show: Searching for the Little Prince’s baobab tree in Nigeria; performing the un-performable “Vexations” composition; and creating a new font for the old problem of dyslexia.

Dessa’s Parts of Speech [9.5.2013]

She uses just the one name, but don’t be fooled by that brevity. Dessa, a rapper from Minneapolis, has earned a following with her song-writing skills and her work with the hip hop collective Doomtree. Also in this show: In 1973, the American war against communism in Laos ended, leaving their Hmong allies behind; and in a room across from Carnegie Hall, the exuberant young piano phenom Lang Lang demonstrates how he approaches a Brahms Intermezzo.

When Women Were Birds [9.6.2013]

Western writer Terry Tempest Williams spent 25 years sorting out the message her mother gave her when she left her three shelves of blank journals.