The Story

People tell stories; all the time. The Story searches them out and bundles them up into a daily show full of people whose lives are intersecting with significant issues in the news.

Recent Episodes

Finding Sanctuary In A Home For Outcasts And Criminals [11.08.2013]

Guest host Phoebe Judge speaks with Neil White, who got sentenced to 18-months for check fraud. He expected a minimum-security prison, but instead found himself in a home for leprosy patients. Then, Phoebe meets some of the people at the Carville National Leprosarium. Also in this show: Booker T. Jones on the rules of the organ, the day he first stepped into Satellite Records, and just how “Green Onions” got on the radio.

Hearing For The First Time [11.06.2013]

Sarah Churman talks about how she was able to hear for the first time when she was 29 years old. Also in this show: Producer Marika Partridge shares music, stories and sounds her family gathered in during a world tour in 1968.

Light And Ice [11.05.2013]

Camille Seaman's Shinnecock Indian ancestors hunted whale in the Atlantic Ocean, and began to photograph the the wonder of icebergs through her camera lens.We also hear from Elaine Parker who worked at McMurdo Research Station in Antarctica.

Alexandra Fuller [11.01.2013]

Guest host Phoebe Judge speaks with writer Alexandra Fuller about growing up in Africa. She captures her fierce, resilient mother, whom she calls "dangerously imaginative." Fuller says Africa and her mother taught her self-reliance and tenacity.