The Story

People tell stories; all the time. The Story searches them out and bundles them up into a daily show full of people whose lives are intersecting with significant issues in the news.

Recent Episodes

Discovering Leonardo [10.31.2013]

Dick speaks with Dianne Dwyer Modestini, the art restorer who discovered a painting by Salvatore Mundi was actually a painting by Leonardo da Vinci. Also in this show: Photographer Christian Patterson on how he discovered evidence of Charles Starkweather's and Caril Ann Fugate's muder spree - 50 years later.

Living Through Fire [10.25.07]

Novelist Wilton Barnhardt was living in Laguna Beach, Calif. in November 1993, when brush fires from interior canyons and valleys destroyed 1,000 homes. Wilton wended his way home from work through all the emergency barricades to save his personal belongings: above all, a novel he was writing at the time. Also on the show: one doctor remembers eradicating small pox decades ago, and another doctor uses new technology to track infectious disease today.

Disappearing America [10.30.2013]

Photographer David Plowden's passion for America's steel bridges, corn fields, boats and steam engines is almost tactile in his photos. He talks with Dick Gordon about what has stopped him from taking photos: namely, the feeling that the America he knew is gone, and with it, many of the people he photographed with such admiration.

What It Is Like To Go To War [10.29.2013]

Karl Marlantes was a young Marine lieutenent man when he was sent to Vietnam, and he did what he was trained to do: kill the enemy and survive. Also on this show: Musician Tom Irwin found a diary squirreled away in a cupboard in the family home, which inspired his latest CD.

The Pizza Purist And The Cutgirl [10.28.2013]

When other kids were out riding bikes, Anthony Mangieri was in his grandmother’s kitchen experimenting with ancient dough leavening methods. Now he makes some of the best pizzas in the country. Also in this show: A trip to the Capitol Pool Checkers Club where men with nicknames like the Hammer, the Pressure Man, and the Razor gather to play checkers; and how one woman stopped being a ring girl, and started treating the wounds of boxers.

Checkmate [10.25.2013]

Rojelio Garcia was a teenager in jail, playing chess behind bars, when he remembered the fifth grade teacher he used to spar against. He wrote a letter to the teacher, Paul Karrer, and eventually the two started playing chess, writing on pieces of paper and sending it over the mail. Soon it became clear that, for both of them, it was more than a game. Also in this show: Ron Carter, a jazz double bass player, has been recorded in more than 2,000 albums.