The Story

People tell stories; all the time. The Story searches them out and bundles them up into a daily show full of people whose lives are intersecting with significant issues in the news.

Recent Episodes

Fishing Perfect [02.22.2010]

Rick Jackson takes his dad out fishing every year on his dad's birthday, February 22. One day, Rick took his father out, and they caught more bass, and bigger bass, than either one of them had ever seen. Rick's a serious fisherman and he couldn't make sense of it, until he realized that they were fishing on the anniversary of his younger brother's accidental death. Also in this show: Getting Home Again

Poetry From The Atomic City [10.16.2013]

Poet Kathleen Flenniken says her book “Plume” is an attempt to make sense of the pride and betrayal she feels from growing up near a Cold War nuclear plant. Also in this show: After World War II, Warsaw wasn’t restored. It was re-imagined.

Remembering Katyn [4.16.2010]

We remember the Katyn Massacre, the killing of over 20,000 Polish officers and intelligentsia at the start of World War II. Anna Wojtowicz’s father perished on that plane. Also in this episode, Bob Porto is a member of the Tea Party.

Uncle Charlie [10.15.2013]

Three-decades of photographs, depicting the tough life and descent of "Uncle Charlie." Plus, an eerie coincidence captured on film, and a story about distance on the highway.

Maxed Out On Everest [10.14.2013]

Hundreds of people are now attempting to climb Mt. Everest every year. National Geographic's Mark Jenkins says the mountain, once tackled only by professional climbers, has become accessible to anyone who can afford to pay to go up and down.  And as a result, the mountain is being ruined by garbage, human excrement, and even bodies of deceased climbers. Also in this show, we learn about a new kind of aircraft, the “Aeroscraft."  It’s a space-age looking machine that’s almost as big as a football field and able to carry 50 tons or more.

The Clues Behind Amelia Earhart’s Last Radio Transmission [10.11.2013]

Betty Brown was a teenager when she heard distress radio transmissions of the aviator Amelia Earhart. Decades later, what she heard became a key in the search for the famously disappeared pilot. Also today: One half of the legendary comedy duo Smothers Brothers on how to develop jokes and timing.