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Take Two Evenings for July 10, 2013

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A new report from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation showing that obesity rates among California children is actually declining. The report singled out one city in particular - Baldwin Park. We’ll talk with Rosa Soto with the California Center for Public Health Advocacy. And Shane Bauer is an investigative reporter who has done a lot of reporting on California prison's isolation units. And he knows something about solitary confinement. He was held in an Iranian jail, charged with spying, for over two years, some of that in solitary. And the new FX show, “The Bridge,” is the latest offering that originated to audiences outside the US, but is being re-worked to have an American spin. The setting has been turned into the US-Mexico border where gruesomely mutilated bodies are being found. We get a review from Huffington Post television critic Mo Ryan. Plus we'll talk to author Annalee Newitz about her new book, Scatter Adapt and Remember: How Humans will survive a mass extinction.