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Take Two Evenings for July 18, 2013

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George Zimmerman Protests Los Angeles Trayvon Martin LAPD

Protesters call for change to Stand Your Ground laws

For the 5th straight night, demonstrators continued to protest the George Zimmerman verdict throughout southern California, resulting in 17 protesters arrested in Victorville, California last night.

The power of 'Black Twitter' to effect change

Black Twitter users showed their collective might after it was announced that a juror in the George Zimmerman trial had received a book deal. Public outrage over social media prompted the juror's book agent to back off.
San Diego Prepares For Comic-Con International 2013

Hollywood hopes to court Latino market at Comic-Con

Fanboys and fangirls from around the world will spend the next 96 or so hours buzzing about comics, movies, TV, and more. It's a big industry event for Hollywood, and one of the groups they'll be trying to tap is the Latino market.
Malibu tickets

Malibu volunteers to begin issuing parking tickets Thursday (poll)

The city says the program could save them tens of thousands of dollars, save their sheriffs valuable time and resources, and enforce new parking restrictions.
Koi Tuna
"It's like Thai hick food," says Night + Market chef Kris Yenbamroong about his favorite summer dish, koi tuna.

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