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Take Two Evenings for July 25, 2013

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On the show today; a vocal opponent of California's high-speed rail project is coming under scrutiny for his motives in fighting the proposal. We’ll talk with Tim Sheehan, who reports on transportation for the Fresno Bee. And an effort to curb the amount of phone surveillance by the NSA failed in Congress yesterday. That's despite the initial public outcry when the program was first revealed. For more we're joined by Phil Ewing, defense editor at POLITICO. And in the US, true darkness is an endangered resource. It's already extinct east of the Mississippi and can only be found in small pockets throughout the Western United States. And on this week’s Picture This, Take Two’s semi regular conversations with photographers, we’ll talk to a father and son duo. Estevan and Eriberto Oriel. They recently had a combined exhibit entitled, “Like Father, Like Son.”