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Take Two Evenings for July 29, 2013

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More than 600 inmates are protesting solitary confinement through a mass hunger strike, which began on July 8th. It's not the first time California prisoners have refused food to seek concessions from prison officials. We'll talk about it with Keramet Reiter, who studies solitary confinement teaches criminology at the University of California at Irvine. And in just one week's time, the Bay Area's public transportation system, BART, may face the second strike of the summer. Last month, a 4 and a half-day strike caused gridlock in the streets and led to long lines for buses and ferries.We'll speak to reporter Kevin Roose. And troubled San Diego Mayor Bob Filner announced Friday that he's checking himself in for two weeks of therapy in August -- but not resigning. This after four additional women -- including a retired Navy rear-admiral and a dean at San Diego State University -- accused him of unwanted sexual harassment. Many believe that the reason for his behavior is that he simply thought he could get away with it, but Charisse L'Pree, who's just completed her doctoral studies at USC researching the relationship between media and psychological development and identity has another opinion. We'll talk to her about it. And we'll get all the news from Hollywood when we talk to Rebecca Keegan, entertainment reporter for the Los Angeles Times