Take Two Evenings for September 16, 2013

Fast Food Worker Strike

Survey says more Americans identifying as 'lower class'

More Americans than ever are identifying at 'lower class.' For more on why that is and what it means, we're joined by California-based economist Chris Thornberg of Beacon Economics.

With Larry Summers out as Fed chair, is Janet Yellen in?

President Obama's apparent favorite for new head of the Federal Reserve stepped aside yesterday. With Larry Summers gone, will the Fed get its first female Chair?
DJ. Mr. Cee
Last week, New York radio DJ Mister Cee gave a teary admission on air. He admitted to soliciting sex from a transgender prostitute, and then resigned his position saying he didn't want to being negative attention to his colleagues.
The Girl

On The Lot: Samantha Geimer, JK Rowling's latest, Bob Newhart

Time now for On the Lot, our weekly look at the business of Hollywood, with Rebecca Keegan of the Los Angeles Times.
Team Karate Center with A Martinez
Take Two's series on unusual Hollywood jobs continues with the person responsible for making sure that fight scenes are not only safe, but look as realistic as possible … a fight coordinator.
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