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Take Two Evenings for September 18, 2013

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The waters are receding in Colorado ... where in a week, rains flooded out much of the state. More than 12-thousand people evacuated, and hundreds are still stranded or missing. As the water level comes down, people are getting a better view of the damage. However it's not only to homes: but to oil and gas wells, and there is a concern by some that flood waters mixed with the chemicals used at fracking sites. And the massive rail shipments known as megaloads have been a source of controversy. In order to get oil refining equipment up to Canada, shippers take these 747-sized loads through the scenic back roads of Idaho and Montana. But locals say these shipments threaten the environment, and are so big that they block routes in and out of their community. And the rugged San Gabriel Mountains are heavily used by millions of residents who live withineasy driving distance. But the U-S Forest Service, which oversees the Angeles National Forest, has little money to add rangers, to make trails safer or clean up graffiti. And next year the new Broad Museum will open, and we'll get a preview. PLus a whole new kind of luxury chicken.