Take Two Evenings for December 10, 2013

Today on the show we'll have an update on the L.A. Sheriff misconduct scandal. Then, we'll talk to the Denver Post's new cannabis editor, we'll look at protests in San Francisco against gentrification from tech giants like Google, and then we'll find out the inside scoop on the hit show Sons of Anarchy from its creator - Kurt Sutter.
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Take Two Evenings for September 10, 2013

When American couples look to adopt children from overseas, it's a laborious process. But sometimes, adoptive parents can’t handle the pressure and decide to give up those children. And a new report looks at the way that some do it. And It's been nearly a year since voters in California passed Proposition 36. The new law makes it easier for inmates who have been convicted ofthree strikes to be released from prison. And so far, 1000 inmates facing life sentences have been freed. Now, a new report looks at how well they've fared since. Plus we'll review the newest music offerings in Tuesday Reviewsday and talk to the author of the acclaimed new book, "Son of a Gun."

Take Two Evenings for September 9, 2013

Yesterday, the AFL-CIO kicked off a four day convention here in Los Angeles. The tag line for the event was Dream, Innovate, Act, and many say that the nation's biggest labor organization desperately needs to do all three. And a six-month investigation by the San Diego Union Tribune and the California Health CareFoundation has pieced together some sobering information about the care of senior citizens. State regulatory records indicate that hundreds of seniors in San Diego County have suffered injuries, illness and in some cases death due to poor care at assisted living facilities. Plus, we'll talk to a fire forensics specialist who's investigated the causes of wildfires and speak to a mother who's made extremely tough choices regarding raising her son - who seems far more comfortable wearing girl's clothing. She wrote a book about her experiences, "Raising my Rainbow."

Take Two Evenings for September 5, 2013

L.A.'s city council drills down on fracking, plus 735 miles of wonderful: a scenic drive along California's fabled Highway 1.

Take Two Evenings for September 4, 2013

The number of abortion clinics has plummeted in the last couple years, we'll find out where its happening and why. And one of the reasons the recent Rim fire has been tough to tame is because it's so big and so hot that it has been creating its own weather patterns. And when Congress left for recess, the biggest news was that immigration reform had stalled in the House. For some Republicans, that isn't a problem: more than 100 House districts across the country have almost no Latino voters and opposing immigration reform won't make a difference to those republican candidates in the next election. But for others, especially here in California, it's a simple game of numbers; they know they can't go on winning elections for long without Latino support. And today is the official birthday of Los Angeles. The city turns 232 today. Los Angeles Magazine has been celebrating with a virtual collection of objects that represents our city.

Take Two Evenings for September 3, 2013

Coming up, we'll look into the opening of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. The project had experienced years of delays and went way over budget, but that didn't stop drivers from lining up last night to be among the first to cross. And app Vine is really popular with comedians looking to make a name for themselves ... if your first question is, what's Vine, we'll explain what the fuss is about. And the problem with Panda bears and looking into the childhood of Charles Manson.

Take Two Evenings for August 29, 2013

Coming up on the show, we'll get to all the latest political news with KPCC's political team of Frank Stoltze and Alice Walton in our weekly series, State of Affairs. And a recent survey by the insurance giant Allstate says LA drivers rank among the worst in the nation. Prompting everyone else in the country to say, “Tell me something I don’t know already!” And new research shows that technology is making is easier for us to lie, and easier for us to get caught. We'll talk to Megan Garber, who wrote about it recently for the Atlantic magazine. And then we'll talk to Joshuah Bearman, whose write-up for Wired about the rescue of US diplomats from Iran was adapted into the Oscar-winning movie Argo, is back again with another blockbuster of a magazine piece. "Coronado High," published in "The Atavist" tells the tale of one of the country's biggest drug operation by a former high school teacher.