Take Two Evenings for December 10, 2013

Today on the show we'll have an update on the L.A. Sheriff misconduct scandal. Then, we'll talk to the Denver Post's new cannabis editor, we'll look at protests in San Francisco against gentrification from tech giants like Google, and then we'll find out the inside scoop on the hit show Sons of Anarchy from its creator - Kurt Sutter.
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Take Two Evenings for August 28, 2013

Fifty years ago today, Dr. Martin Luther King gave the I Have a Dream Speech, the defining event of the civil rights movement. We’ll hear from individuals who have been inspired by the event, and one man that has performed a pitch-perfect imitation of Dr. King and his historic speech for the past thirty years. And the debate over prison overcrowding and solitary confinement is still continuing with neither side looking like they will back down. We’ll try and have a better understanding about the issues with a roundtable discussion with Michael Montgomery from the Center for Investigative Reporting, Sharon Dolovich, professor of law at UCLA and Boris Jimenez, a Los Angeles resident and former prison inmate. And then we’ll look into the plight of the wild horses in Montana, and why officials may have to start killing them.

Take Two Evenings for August 27, 2013

New project looks at the reasons the cost of college has skyrocketed; Ranking colleges based on their social responsibility; Train crash in Mexico highlights plight of Central American migrants; Officials crack down on truckloads of bottles and cans; Burning Man: A great place to meet a venture capitalist?

Take Two Evenings for August 26, 2013

Where do Filner's border efforts stand in wake of his resignation?; How the brain reacts to sexual harassment; After 20 years of metal detectors, are LAUSD schools safer?; On The Lot: Ben Affleck as Batman, Telluride Film Fest and more

Take Two Evenings for August 22, 2013

Obamacare costs for farmers may translate into higher produce prices; Standoff with police a sign that Minutemen-like militia active in Arizona; Whole Foods hopes to shed pricey reputation; The Navajo taco adapted as the people did; What's the deal with those comically long CVS receipts? (Poll); For the love of cheese: author Michael Paterniti on 'The Telling Room'

Take Two Evenings for August 21, 2013

On tap today, we'll find out about Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg's new idea to bring the internet to the 4 billion people who currently lack it. We'll also hear about the new dangers of radioactivity at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan. And officials at Loyola Law School in downtown LA are admitting up to 20% fewer incoming students this year after hearing from alumni who still can't find jobs. We'll find out if this is the shape of things to come. And we'll also look at the rash of sea lion deaths in California, and what might be the cause.

Take Two Evenings for August 20, 2013

Judge OKs force-feeding of hunger striking inmates in California; Report: Prison realignment is costly for the LAPD; Tech industry slump negatively affecting US stocks; Why people just can't resist the urge to text while driving; Tuesday Reviewsday: Kendrick Lamar, Earl Sweatshirt, Ladi 6 and more, plus much more.