Take Two Evenings for December 10, 2013

Today on the show we'll have an update on the L.A. Sheriff misconduct scandal. Then, we'll talk to the Denver Post's new cannabis editor, we'll look at protests in San Francisco against gentrification from tech giants like Google, and then we'll find out the inside scoop on the hit show Sons of Anarchy from its creator - Kurt Sutter.
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Take Two Evenings for August 19

UCLA takes comprehensive look at urban gardening in LA; Would you eat a protein bar made with cricket flour?; The ongoing battle to keep pot farms out of California public lands, plus much more.

Take Two Evenings for August 15, 2013

Ask Emily on Take Two: How Obamacare will affect young people; Oldest rock carvings in North America discovered in Nevada; Class-action lawsuit filed over Time Warner's CBS blackout; Study: Twitter can predict outcome of an election; Meeting Dread Pirate Roberts, the head of the Silk Road illicit drug website; Banksy's 2008 mural 'Flower Girl' goes up for auction in LA; Gerhartsreiter sentenced to 27 years to life in prison; Dinner Party Download.

Take Two Evenings for August 14, 2013

America's drug czar Gil Kerlikowske is moving on; New $100 bills plagued by another production snafu; App Chat: Apps that can predict your future...kind of; The T-shirt turns 100: A fashion icon's SoCal roots; Are Crocs shoes going extinct?; Civil rights giant John Lewis becomes comic book hero; Marking the one-year anniversary of Obama's deferred action plan.

Take Two Evenings for August 13, 2013

One of the biggest changes under the Affordable Care Act soon will take effect, the nationwide Medicaid expansion. In California, it means about one-million more uninsured residents will be eligible for Medi-Cal starting next year. And the recent dry, dusty weather is causing more problems than just fueling wildfires. Valley Fever, the potentially deadly infection, also thrives in these conditions. Years of hotter and drier seasons have fueled the increase in cases of Valley Fever. The number of cases has tripled in just ten years. We find out why. And the Mexican oil giant PEMEX could soon be opening to foreign investment. The move would shake up an industry that has been nationalized for more than seventy years. And we'll find out more about Elon Musk's hyperloop.

Take Two Evenings for August 12, 2013

Tonight on the show; the LA Times reports that roughly 1800 doctors may have recklessly prescribed the painkiller Oxycontin to addicts and dealers, but only a relative handful of those doctors have been identified. We'll talk to reporter Scott Glover has been writing about this. And last Friday a Mexican federal court released an infamous drug lord convicted of murder. Rafael Caro Quintero was sentenced to 40 years in prison for the kidnapping and brutal murder of DEA agent Enrique Camarena in 1985. The episode was a turning point in US-Mexican relations ... and Quintero's release now - just 26 years into his sentence - is re-opening old wounds. We'll talk with Sylvia Longmire, she's the author of Cartel: The Coming Invasion of Mexico's Drug Wars. And when photographer Gabriele Galimberti set off around the world on assignment, his grandmother worried about how well he would eat. So what did he do? Photograph grandmothers from all over the globe with the special dishes that they make with love.

Take Two Evenings for August 7, 2013

What do SoCal veterans want to hear from President Obama?; Got Your 6 aims to help bridge the civilian-military divide; Will credible fear argument allow 'Dream 9' to seek asylum in US?; Gov. Jerry Brown finds tough opposition to water plan; California school districts granted No Child Left Behind waiver; Sports Roundup: Johnny Manziel, A-Rod suspension and more; and Is there a connection between Biogenesis and Latino MLB players?