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Obama visits India, NCAA academic misconduct investigation, Dame Edna

President Obama in India, athletes and educators under investigation at big universities, Dame Edna steps off the stage.

Manny Pacquiao Media Day Workout

The future for Cuba's youth, Aurora shooting jury, Manny Pacquiao's new documentary

U.S. and Cuban officials hash out details for new diplomatic relations, jury selection in the Aurora theater shooting, boxer Manny Pacquiao.


One family's experience with assisted suicide, Jennifer Aniston talks 'Cake', LA's corn controversy

Pam Wald's husband, Ben, utilized the Death with Dignity law in Oregon in 2012. She talks about going through the experience with him. Actress Jennifer Aniston talks about her leading role in the film, 'Cake.' And, Eater LA contributor Lucas Peterson set off a controversy when he wrote a glowing piece about a street vendor in Lincoln Heights who sells corn.


Big Block of Cheese, diversity in Silicon Valley, conservatives power box office for American Sniper

A 21st century twist on a 19th century tradition - Big Block of Cheese, searching for diversity in the tech world, and conservatives flock to see American Sniper.


Latest details in the Sony cyber attack, changing thoughts on gay marriage, family leave

Why U.S. officials quickly blamed North Korea for the Sony hack, evangelical churches change their thoughts toward gay marriage, a push for family leave.

Santiago De Cuba Prepares For Visit Of Pope Benedict XVI

Cuba travel restrictions loosened, Mexican immigrant birth certificates, mysterious sea bird die-off

New changes are easing travel restrictions to Cuba. Plus, Mexican consulates in the U.S. can now issue birth certificates to its country's immigrants. And, a look at a mysterious die-off of sea birds along the Pacific Coast.