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uber rideshare taxi

Uber revolt, war in cyberspace, gender imbalance in film

Reaction to the controversies surrounding Uber, fighting war on a fifth front--cyberspace--and women still underrepresented in film.

President Obama Delivers Remarks On Executive Action Immigration Reform

Immigration reform reactions and effects, Friday Flashback

Reaction to President Obama's immigration reform speech and what it means for different groups, plus re-accessing Cosby on the Friday Flashback.

Polar Bears

Ferguson fears, Mexico president's mansion controversy, never wash your car again

A grand jury ruling in Ferguson, Missouri could have national rumblings. A scandal over the Mexican White House. And a no-wash car with a finish that repels dirt.

America's hostage policy, 'gay wing' at LA County jail and Bill Cosby's special cancelled

The White House reviews its policy when American citizens are taken hostage overseas, a look inside the 'gay wing' at the LA County Men's Central Jail and a breakdown of why Bill Cosby's special won't be released on Netflix.


NFL wives and domestic violence, hydrogen cars, 'Rebel music' explores indigenous communities' issues

NFL wives told to keep quiet about domestic abuse, Toyota's hydrogen fuel cell-powered sedan and an MTV show that chronicles music, youth and global social change.

Groundwater, Michael Brown audio tapes, the true story of 'Foxcatcher'

On Monday Take Two discusses the latest on the drought, recent evidence that could impact the Michael Brown case and what gold medalist Mark Schultz, the brother of murdered gold medalist Dave Schultz, says happened in real life to inspire the new film "Foxcatcher."