Take Two for September 25, 2012

How early voting will have lasting impact on American elections

Early Voting Starts In Special Election For New Miami Mayor

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Early voters fill out their ballots as they cast their votes before the general election in Miami, Florida.

Early voting by absentee ballot will account for 35% of the presidential ballots cast this year, a statistic that is challenging campaigns' conventional wisdom about the final "72-hour push." How will the campaigns tailor their strategies in swing states after certain voters cast early ballots? And if you had to spend limited resources on a phone-a-thon or a door-to-door campaign, which is more effective? Alex Cohen and A Martínez delve into the number crunching and the big thinking behind it.


Sasha Issenberg, political reporter and author of “Victory Lab: The Secret Science of Winning Campaigns"

Ken Vogel

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