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Take Two for September 25, 2012

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Early Voting Starts In Special Election For New Miami Mayor

How early voting will have lasting impact on American elections

Early voting by absentee ballot will account for 35% of the presidential ballots cast this year, a statistic that is challenging campaigns' conventional wisdom about the final "72-hour push." How will the campaigns tailor their strategies in swing states after certain voters cast early ballots? And if you had to spend limited resources on a phone-a-thon or a door-to-door campaign, which is more effective? Alex Cohen and A Martínez delve into the number crunching and the big thinking behind it.
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Salmonella outbreak in Trader Joe's peanut butter spreads

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has now found 29 cases of the illness in 18 states, including California. Sunland, the New Mexico company that makes the peanut butter, expanded the number of its recalled products yesterday to 76 brands of nut butters.
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Schwarzenegger attempts to make his comeback

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger yesterday unveiled the opening of the Schwarzenegger Institute, a new public policy school at USC. In October, bookstores will see the arrival of "Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story," the bodybuilder-turned-actor-turned-politician's new autobiography.
Mumford & Sons In Concert - Hoboken, NJ
NPR music critic Ann Powers and LA music critic Steve Hochman are in with A and Alex to talk about new music releases. On tap, new albums from Green Day, Mumford and Sons, Betty LaVette, Lavender Diamond and Daddy.

President Obama addresses the UN over Middle East tensions

President Obama spoke to the United Nations General Assembly today, addressing the demonstrations over the anti-Muslim video that sparked protests in Libya and elsewhere, and also to discuss Iran's non-compliance with the UN's Atomic Energy Commission.
New England Patriots v Baltimore Ravens

NFL replacement referees draw yellow flags from fans

If you saw the end of the Monday Night Football match-up between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks, it might have looked more like a schoolyard brawl in the end zone than an NFL game.
An image of the book "Significant Objects" by Josh Glenn and Rob Walker

'Significant Objects' project gives trinkets a valuable backstory

Can a few words dramatically increase the economic value of a yard sale castaway? Joshua Glenn and Rob Walker invited people to write stories about unimportant trinkets and knick-knacks found in thrift stores for "Significant Objects," and to re-sell the objects on eBay.
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California corrections officials are investigating an unusual spike in prison riots.
Cover for Bob Balaban's book "The Creature from the 7th Grade."
Actor Bob Balaban discusses his latest children's book series, "The Creature from the 7th Grade," about a nerdy kid who suddenly finds himself resembling a giant mutant sea creature.

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