Take Two for September 26, 2012

Romney Takes Whirlwind Campaign Tour Of Ohio

Polls show support for Mitt Romney slipping in Ohio, Florida

We begin today in Ohio, where both presidential candidates are spending the day. The latest polls show that support for Mitt Romney is slipping in the Buckeye state, which holds a critical eighteen electoral votes.
Iowa Sets The Stage For Nation's First Vote In Upcoming Presidential Election

Which state races will GOP super PACs invest in?

Republican super PACS are watching the presidential polls closely because how their nominee Mitt Romney does will determine where they will put their money.
Yesterday was a day full of disruptions for Wells Fargo customers, as they couldn’t reliably access the company’s website.
First iPhone 5 owner at AT&T Glendale

What happens to all those old iPhones when people upgrade?

More than five million iPhones have been sold since the new model hit the stores last Friday. To put it in perspective, that comes out to one phone for every man, woman, and child in the state of Colorado.
A Martinez and film director Daniel Barnz.

Daniel Barnz discusses his latest film, 'Won't Back Down'

Director Daniel Barnz joins the show to talk about his newest film, "Won’t Back Down,” about two mothers who try to turn around their failing urban school. Maggie Gyllenhaal plays a working parent and Viola Davis plays a teacher.
Obama Accepts Nomination On Final Day Of Democratic National Convention

Rep. Becerra discusses the looming fiscal cliff

Rep. Xavier Becerra discusses Congress's plans to avoid sequestration and fix the budget mess.
US Supreme Court Building

The Supreme Court heads back to the bench

The Supreme Court returns next Monday in what promises to be an action-packed session. On the docket will be cases involving hot button issues like same sex marriage, the death penalty and affirmative action.
Mercer 11083

Explaining the psychology behind early voting

Early voting has already begun in some states, and across the country, as many as 45 million people could cast their vote well before November 6th.

Magnum Opus Theatre offers bad screenplays a second act

What happens to all those great scripts that never make it to the screen? Nothing, usually. But for a few truly terrible scripts, there is a life after studio rejection... it's called Magnum Opus theater.
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