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Studying the effect of Carmageddon on pollution in LA

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Los Angeles County transportation agencies hope for a repeat of this scene along the 405 freeway this weekend. That's when work crews will close the heavily traveled route to demolish the north side of the Mullholland Drive bridge. The photo depicts last summer's Carmageddon that shut down the freeway for most of a weekend last July; this time, authorities warn that crews will need from this Friday evening through early Monday morning to complete their work. Grant Slater/KPCC

This weekend, L.A. drivers are preparing the 405 Freeway closure, dubbed Carmageddon part 2.

Public health and atmospheric scientists at UCLA studied the skies during Carmageddon as a way to see what an alternative fuel future could look like. They're just beginning to share those studies

KPCC's Molly Peterson joins the show to talk about what these studies show.

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