Take Two for October 1, 2012

Scientific American ranks US on top in scientific output

NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab Holds Viewing Of Mars Curiosity Rover Landing

Bill Ingalls/NASA/Getty Images

Christopher J. Scolese, Director of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, left, congratulates, MSL Entry, Descent and Landing Engineer Adam Steltzner as they look at the first images of Mars to come from the Curiosity rover, shortly after it landed on Mars.

We've all heard about the dismal rankings the U.S. gets when it comes to math and science education. Well, here's a ray of sunshine.

According to The magazine Scientific American, when it comes to scientific output, the U.S. is on top.

The magazine just released its Global Science Scorecard, which ranks nations' science credentials based on how much scientific research is done, how good the science is and how well it gets integrated into real life.

The United States was ranked number one with Germany and China following in second and third place.

Fred Guterl, Executive editor of Scientific American magazine

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