Take Two for October 2, 2012

The 11-2 vote negates a July decision to put a "gentle ban" on medical marijuana that would eliminate storefronts but allow patients and caregivers to grow cannabis.
Occupy Rose Parade

Does taxing the rich really drive them out of the state?

One of the arguments against propositions that raise taxes for the wealthy — like Props 30 and 38 this time around — is that when taxes go up on the wealthiest, they move to states where the rates are lower.
GOP Presidential Candidates Debate In Orlando Ahead Of Florida Straw Poll
Tomorrow night, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama will meet face to face in their first debate, but Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for president, will be watching on TV like the rest of us.
Uta Barth MacArthur Fellowship

California home to four MacArthur Genius Grant winners

The MacArthur foundation has announced the 23 winners who will take home the Genius Grant with $500,000 in award money. The grants, paid over five years, give recipients freedom to pursue a creative vision and winners don't have to report how they spend the money.
Total Recall: My Unbeliveably True Life Story Arnold Schwarzenegger
Alex Cohen talks with one book reviewer who's read all 646 pages of Arnold's autobiography.
Los Angeles Lakers Media Day

Time Warner Cable's monopoly on Lakers games

The Lakers preseason starts this weekend, they'll play the Golden State Warriors in Fresno on Sunday night, but you can only watch the game if you have Time Warner Cable.
Corporate And Media Leaders Attend Allen & Company Media And Technology Conf.
We've all been there — stuck in traffic, bored and frustrated.
Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival 2010 - Day 3

What is dubstep?

Music critic Drew Tewksbury is in the studio with Alex Cohen to tell dubstep's origin story and to describe what's next for that signature *womp* *womp* sound.
A U.S. Border patrol agent was shot to death early this morning while patrolling on horseback in Naco, Arizona. A second agent also suffered gunshot wounds and was air-lifted to a hospital for surgery.

Should pedophiles be treated like alcoholics?

When incidents involving pedophiles hit the news, we often focus on what happened and who the perpetrator was, but the question that seldom gets attention in the media is 'why?'
Willy Blackmore, LA editor of TastingTable.com, joins A Martinez to discuss a slew of new carbonated drinks that are popping up at restaurants and bars around town.
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