Take Two for October 3, 2012

US flies Mexican deportees to Mexico City to relieve border towns

Undocumented Immigrants To U.S. Repatriated To Guatemala

John Moore/Getty Images

Undocumented Guatemalan immigrant Fidel Rodriguez looks out the window before landing on a deportation flight from Mesa, Arizona on June 24, 2011 in flight to Guatemala City, Guatemala. This month, the U.S. begins deporting Mexican immigrants to Mexico City in a similar series of flights.

This week,. the U.S. government began flying Mexican deportees to Mexico City, in an effort to relieve border cities that have been overwhelmed by the numbers of deported immigrants.

The flights are not voluntary, unlike a previous effort that involved immigrants arrested during Arizona's deadly summer heat.

However, the program is only scheduled to last for two months and will involve roughly 20 flights, far fewer than what was expected by many.

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