Take Two for October 3, 2012

Undocumented Immigrants To U.S. Repatriated To Guatemala
This week,. the U.S. government began flying Mexican deportees to Mexico City, in an effort to relieve border cities that have been overwhelmed by the numbers of deported immigrants.
Stop Foreclosures!

Are banks changing their fraudulent lending practices?

Six months ago, the banking industry reached a $25 billion settlement with the government. The five biggest banks agreed to the payout after investigators uncovered an industry-wide practice of using fraudulent paperwork to process foreclosures.
Ray Bradbury
Banned Books Week is an annual awareness campaign that celebrates freedom in literature and seeks to draw attention to books that have been, or still are banned. The annual event celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.
Graffiti Artist
In neighborhoods like Echo Park, Inglewood and Eagle Rock, hand painted signs are everywhere. But who paints them, how do they get there and are they even legal?
Election video game

Snagging the youth vote via video games

A slew of political video games out this election season just might motivate them enough to put down the controller or iPad and head down to the polls.
Debate Bingo

Make politics fun with the Take Two Debate Bingo game

Wednesday night presidential contenders Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will engage in a series of televised debates.
Mercer 969
A record number of openly gay candidates are running for seats in the next Congress, and almost all of them say their sexuality is a non-issue on the campaign trail — both for them, and their opponents.
The Afghan Defense Ministry has released a guide book called "Cultural Understanding: A Guide to Understanding Coalition Cultures."
ESPN Documentary Broke

ESPN doc examines why pro athletes go broke in retirement

According to a recent article by Sports Illustrated, a majority of NBA and NFL players are financially broke within five years of retirement.
Cinefamily video nasties
The Cinefamily movie theater on North Fairfax is hosting a terrifying run of midnight screenings throughout October.
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