Take Two for October 4, 2012


Mitt Romney gains momentum after first presidential debate

Last night's debate inspired headlines like, "Romney sets a winning tone," or "Obama snoozes and loses."
Meet The Press

Could you marry someone with opposite political views?

Opposites may attract but what about when it comes to politics?
A woman picks tomatoes in a supermarket

Tomato war stewing between the US and Mexico

The tomato industry is worth $3.5 billion between the two countries, and over the last decade Mexico has increased its tomato exports. That's got U.S. growers nervous
Head Start - 1
A month into the school year, the classroom doors remain closed for 700 young children in south Los Angeles County.

San Bernardino businesses hit hard by bankruptcy

Six weeks ago, San Bernardino filed for bankruptcy being $50 million in the hole.
San Onofre Nuclear Plant
The San Onofre has been offline for most of the year. Southern California Edison, the plant's operator, shut it down in January citing safety concerns.
Joint Session Of Congress Tallies Electoral Votes

Do we still need the Electoral College?

Have you heard of a board game called "Consensus"?

Western sanctions on Iran sparking civil unrest

This week officials in Iran attempted to halt the decline of their currency, due to the West's economic sanctions, by making arrests, vowing to stamp out sidewalk money changers and warning merchants against fanning public anger over the economy.
A sign reading "Persian Square" overlook

How economic sanctions affect Iranians living in LA

Now we turn to the Persian community in Los Angeles, or Tehrangeles as it is sometimes referred to.
Last Call At The Oasis
Everyone needs water everyday, so what would happen if water resources were seriously harmed?
Picture of a bee taken in Godewaersvelde
Colony Collapse Disorder is how scientists describe the mysterious die off of honey bees around the globe. Honey bees pollinate lots of different types of crops and researchers are concerned that food supplies could be affected by the disorder.

Does your Klout score matter?

Last week, California passed a law that forbids potential employers from asking job applicants for access to their social media accounts.
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