Take Two for October 5, 2012

Director Lee Daniels on his Southern crime thriller 'The Paperboy'

The Paperboy Lee Daniels

Movie poster for the Lee Daniels-directed film "The Paperboy."

Film Director Lee Daniels is best known for his 2009 Oscar-winning drama "Precious." The film blasted black cinema story-telling conventions, and took viewers inside the raw and violent reality of a 350-pound illiterate teenage girl.

His follow-up project is a new film out today called "The Paperboy," a Southern-noir crime story set in 1969 South Florida.

Nicole Kidman plays a death row groupie who recruits a reporter played by Matthew McCounaghey to help her spring an alleged killer from behind bars.

That character is played by an unusually creepy John Cusack.

Zac Efron is also in the film lusting after Kidman's character Charlotte.

A Martinez talks to Daniels about what drew him to this film after "Precious."

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