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Take Two for October 8, 2012

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Is China's largest telecom company a security threat?

According to a House Intelligence report released this morning, some of the biggest threats to national security today comes from two Chinese telecom companies.
As gas prices soar, Governor Jerry Brown will allow a shift to so-called winter blend gasoline. But what does that mean? And what's really behind price spike?
Cesar Chavez National Monument
This morning, President Obama is heading to Keene, California, in the San Joaquin Valley where he'll pay tribute to the memory of Cesar Chavez.
NAFTA Mexico Jobs

Mexico is key to growth for some US companies

These days, some six-million American jobs actually depend in some way on trade with Mexico. From the Fronteras Desk, Jude Joffe-Block reports on the complex collaborations between manufacturers on both sides of the US-Mexico border.
Ludo and Krissy Lefebvre

Ludo Bites cookbook brings the pop-up concept home

LudoBites is a unique restaurant concept created by chef Ludo Lefebvre. What makes it unique is that it has no permanent address and no phone number.
Afghan Americans and Muslim Americans

Afghan Americans help others get the voting habit

With the election right around the corner, get out the vote campaigns are in high gear.

GOP candidate Mitt Romney gives speech on foreign policy

Governor Romney just wrapped up a speech that focused on foreign policy at the Virginia Military Institute.
Lanhee Chen, domestic policy director fo
One of Mitt Romney's top advisors is a rising Asian-American political star from Southern California.
Activists Group Call On Obama To Close Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility
As we heard earlier, Governor Mitt Romney is criticizing the Obama administration for not doing enough to curb the influence of Al-Qaeda around the globe.
Jim Croce
Jim Croce's widow, Ingrid Croce, talks to Take Two about her husband's music, his untimely death and her new book, "I Got A Name."

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