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Take Two for October 9, 2012

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Jerry Sandusky Sentenced In Major Child Molestation Case
Former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky was sentenced this morning to at least 30 years in prison on 45 counts of child sexual abuse. He was found guilty of molesting 10 boys over the course of 15 years.
Mexico Drug War
Authorities in Mexico say Heriberto Lazcano, leader of the powerful Zetas drug cartel, is dead. He is believed to be one of two men who were killed in a firefight with the Mexican Navy on Sunday.

What we can expect from Paul Ryan on the debate stage

Vice Presidential candidates Joe Biden and Paul Ryan face off in their first debate this Thursday night in Kentucky. We've seen Biden on this stage before, but it will the first chance to see Ryan square off on national television.
Healthcare will undoubtedly be a topic at this week's Vice Presidential debate, but for many Americans, healthcare doesn't happen in a hospital or clinic.
APTOPIX Elle Women in Music 2012
Today, A Martinez is joined by NPR music critic Ann Powers and music blogger Oliver Wang from soul-sides.com, to discuss the latest in music.
Obama Delivers State Of The Union Address To Joint Session Of Congress

A look at the personal wealth of members of Congress

Recently the Washington Post looked at the personal finances of all 535 members of Congress.
A new PBS documentary promises to give an up close and personal view of both presidential candidates.
Stone Masons Complete The New Memorial To Poet Laureate Ted Hughes In Poets Corner

Los Angeles in search for its first poet laureate

The United States has one, California does, too. Now, the city of Los Angeles opening its arms to and accepting applications for its first ever poet laureate. Patt Morrison spoke to Dana Gioia, former chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts who heads the panel that will choose the first L.A. poet laureate.
The music video, "Gangnam Style," by the South Korean artist PSY has gotten hundreds of millions of clicks.

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