Take Two for October 12, 2012

Escalating tensions between Syria and Turkey

House votes to arm Syrian rebels


A Syrian rebel holds a rocket-propelled grenade launcher near a post in the rebel-held Syrian city of Minbej on October 10, 2012. The Syrian regime rejected a UN call for a unilateral ceasefire as rebels confronted columns of tanks and troops sent to retake a town on the road to main battleground city Aleppo.

Tensions between Syria and Turkey continue to escalate, with Turkey’s prime minister now accusing Russia of arming Syrians.

Russia counters that Turkey illegally grounded a Syrian civilian plane that Turkish officials say was carrying military equipment from Russia. Turkey has already sided with Syrian insurgents trying to overthrow the Assad regime.

The dispute comes after days of artillery fire exchange between Syria and Turkey. Liz Sly, foreign correspondent for the Washington Post based in Beirut, joins the show with more.

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