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Take Two for October 15, 2012

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A look ahead to the second presidential debate

President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney face off for the second debate tomorrow night with national tracking polls showing a dead heat just three weeks until election day.
Santorum And Romney Son Join Tea Party Supporters At Rally Tampa
On November 6th, a record number of candidates from immigrant communities — 80 in total — will be running for seats in Congress.
Anti-Death Penalty Groups Hold Demonstration Against Executions
California’s Prop 34 would replace the death penalty with a sentence of life in prison.
Death Chamber at Southern Ohio Correctional Facility

National death penalty debate increasingly hinges on cost

Seventeen states have already done away with the death penalty, and efforts are underway in many others to end it. Those efforts are bringing together some unlikely allies: many longtime supporters of capital punishment are now changing their tune due to concerns about the high costs incurred, not just in California but in some traditionally conservative states as well.
KCON K-Pop Convention
More than 9,000 K-pop fans descended on the Verizon amphitheater in Irvine this weekend for one of the largest K-POP events ever held outside Korea.
Shuttle Endeavour Sunday
It's never easy getting anywhere in L.A. on time. That was certainly true this weekend for the Endeavour.
Malala Yousafzai is the 14-year-old Pakistani girl who was shot by the Taliban last week for speaking out in favor of girl's education.
State Out Of The Union: Arizona and the Final Showdown Over the American Dream
Jeff Biggers' new book "State Out of the Union, Arizona and the Final Showdown over the American Dream" looks at Arizona's troubled past with immigration.
Downtown Los Angeles Model
Ten years. That's how long it took one man to recreate his youth.
Let's go to Guantanamo Bay, where a pre-trial hearing is underway for the alleged plotters of the September 11 attacks. One of them is Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of the attacks.

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