Take Two for October 16, 2012

Amateur astronomers detect, scientists confirm new planet with four suns

PH1 new planet

Haven Giguere/Yale/NASA

An artist's illustration of PH1, a planet discovered by volunteers from the Planet Hunters citizen science project. PH1, shown in the foreground, is the first reported case of a planet orbiting a double-star that, in turn, is orbited by a second distant pair of stars. The phenomenon is called a circumbinary planet in a four-star system.

Scientists have discovered a new planet with, not one, not two, but four suns.

It's the first planet that scientists have found with this many suns, and it was first detected by a couple amateur astronomers using the website Planethunters.org.

We have one of them with us now, Kian Jek, a stay-at-home dad from Belmont, California. Welcome.

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